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Dead Broke Knocks Volume 1

Over 350 Industry Quality One Shot Hits

This drum kit has been split into two sections. The "Dead Broke Exclusive Drumkit" and the "Street Knocks Drumkit".

The Dead Broke Exclusive Drumkit contains 50 hand made, custom layered, fully mastered kick drums that are guaranteed to provide the low end knock you've been looking for. In addition to the 40 top notch, hard hitting, custom layered, fully mastered snare/clap samples. It also comes with a free gift that will be a godsend to any of you out there with the styrus plugin that comes stock in FL Studio.

The Street Knocks Drumkit contains over 250 808's, Claps, Open & Closed Hi Hats, Dead Broke BeatsCymbals, Kicks, Snares, and Sound Effects. All of these sounds are fully mastered, industry quality hits guaranteed to get your beats off of the ground.

All of the sounds in this kit are in high quality .Wav format for the greatest cross compatibility with hardware and software alike.

To download this drumkit please follow the link below.

DOWNLOAD | Dead Broke Knocks Volume One


This is a FREE INDUSTRY QUALITY DRUM KIT, if you paid for it anywhere else online I Suggest you try to get your money back NOW!

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