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Need Free Instrumentals?

Are you looking for the hottest free rap instrumentals online? If so, your in the right place.

These 3 Instrumentals are available for NON PROFIT & PROMOTIONAL USE only.

Three Downloadable Free Instrumentals - Includes 1 Dead Broke Beats Drop on the Intro
Track Name - BPM - Genre Play Download
Im'a Keep Grinding - 72 BPM - Dirty South |Play| |Download|
I Got That Swag - 100 BPM - R&B |Play| |Download|
Humboldt 101 - BPM - West Coast |Play| |Download|

If you are interested in buying Non-Profit and Promotional rights to any instrumental in my catalog for $0.75 please visit the Official Dead Broke Beats Soundclick Page. *This includes shows and performances where no tickets have been sold.

When using free rap beats, you can not make any Dead Broke Beatsmoney/profit from the song you record. Free beats can only be used for non profit and promotional projects. If you want to make money from your songs, buy beats today and you will get commercial licensing rights. Leasing beats is the perfect way to go if you can not afford exclusive rights.

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