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All Instrumentals Are Industry Quality and Highly Affordable

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  • Dear Recording Artist,
    Are you sick and tired of spending your time making songs that go no where? Don't you want to start making a real income from your own tracks? There is a huge amount of money being made by artists because of sites like iTunes and ReverbNation, and with social media networks gaining a fanbase is easier than ever. In all reality making a living wage off of your music is not an unreasonable goal. Making $3,000 to $5,000 a month as an independent artist is easy to acheive. Don't you want your piece of that pie?

    You probably have a notebook full of songs that are ready to hit the world and make you some real money. The sad truth is though, all of those songs mean absolutely nothing if you don't find the right instrumentals to record them over.

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    Before Doing ANYTHING Else, Please Take A Look at This Review.
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    By buying beats online at this website you agree to the Licenses below. More information can be found on the Licensing Information page.

    Leasing Rights: When you buy beats with leasing rights you do not own the beat. Dead Broke Beats retains 100% ownership of the track, you are just purchasing a license to use it commercially.

  • Unlimited Commercial Use, i.e. Radio Play, Shows, Music Videos, and other like uses.
  • Distribute up to 4,000 units of the track for profitable gain via iTunes, ReverbNation, Album Sales, and other mediums.
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  • If the beat contains any samples it is the responsibility of the artist (you, the customer) to clear the samples with the appropriate parties. 
  • Exclusive Rights: When you buy beats with exclusive rights you own the beat 100% as a "Work For Hire" by Dead Broke Beats. The beat will be marked as "Sold" and leasing rights will no longer to available to the public.

  • Unlimited Commercial Use, i.e. Radio Play, Shows, Music Videos, and other like uses.
  • Distribute unlimited units of the track for profitable gain via iTunes, ReverbNation, Album Sales, and other mediums.
  • Download Link of the Untagged Beat will be sent to your Email
  • If the beat contains any samples it is the responsibility of the artist (you, the customer) to clear the samples with the appropriate parties.

    Leasing Rap Beats Online

    Leasing is a great way to buy rap beats online and get the most out of your money. They are low cost compared to exclusive rights and come with great benefits that suit the needs of most independent artists. If you have any questions about my leasing or exclusive rights policies please don't hesitate to contact me.

    There is always a new deal being offered when buying beats online with my company. If you happen to miss one of these sales, don't worry because a new one will be posted within a couple of days. Make sure when you buy beats, you apply the free beats that you want. If you place an order that qualifies and forget to add your beats, contact me and I will gladly make it right. Purchase Your Instrumentals today with the beat player located at the top of this page.

    I am a strong believer in new content at, so I always make sure to Dead Broke Beatsadd new beats, articles, and up to date content to my pages. New projects like the Featured Artists program have been created to give free promotion to up and coming artists that have supported my company in the past. It's a very simple and straight forwared process to get your music placed on the featured artists page. Click here to visit this page and find out how to get your song added today!.

    Instrumentals are the lifeblood of any song. The instrumental give life to the track and sets about 90% of the mood on the final product. When choosing beats for your songs, make sure to listen to the melody and make sure it lines up right. If you vocals compliment the track you are working with 100%, more than half the time you will have a gold record on your hands if you promote it right. Most hit records are made up of a beat with a catchy and distinct main melody, and a catchy hook that is easy to relate to on a massive scale. The hook must be on point delivery wise, but not too complicated for the audience to follow along. Chorus's are usually repeated 3-4 times in the song, and if you've done your job right people will be singing along after the first time they hear the track. One of the key things that will help you get noticed by potential fans and A&R alike is a professionally produced instrumental from Dead Broke Beats. Click here to go back to the top of this page and choose the instrumentals for your next hit project now.

    Whether you make Rap, Rock, Country, or R&B, the vocals must be mixed properly over the instrumental. In addition the beat must also leave "room" for the vocal track in the proper frequency ranges of the human voice, otherwise the vocals will sound "forced" into the mix. You will notice that songs which have been professionally mixed and mastered will sound good on just about any system you play them on. This is because the producer and audio engineer did an amazing job on the overall mixing of the song. Not just the beat or the vocals, but the entire project, must be mixed properly for this to happen. That is why all of my beats have been professionally mixed and mastered with studio quality software and plug ins. So you don't have to worry about it when choosing the beat you want to work with, just the engineer.


    Buying Beats

    The focus of Dead Broke Beats is to provide independent artists with an excellent service for buying beats online. I have a lot of instrumentals, articles, and other information available on this site for just that reason. If you have never bought a beat online before, let your first time be with me. I strive to keep my customer service one step ahead of my competitors, so you never have to worry about an ego or being ripped off.

    Proper networking and building good relationships with artists is the key to being a successful producer in the music industry, why would I mess that up for a one time payment of $20? The beat you buy from me might just be the ticket that leads both of us to a gold record hanging on the wall. Why Risk It? Buy Beats Online now, and get your career headed in the right direction today.

    I offer the highest quality beats online to help you get your songs off the ground. You already write great lyrics if your willing to invest in yourself, why let the producer you choose to work with hold you back from your dreams?

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